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Dear Future Customer,
If you want a quality home have Bruce build it! We had a wonderful experience with our process. He uses the best crews and listens to your wants and needs. He will be very honest about every aspect of the process. You can be as involved as you want to be in the whole building experience. We were his first clients and we have a standing line - "Hey, look its still standing!". We have had so many comments on the quality and the workmanship of our home - we give Bruce the credit for it all.
A Satisfied Customer,
Jerry and Barb H.

Thanks for building our house. As always it is a pleasure to deal with you. All your subs were great, and answered all our "dumb" questions. The house is great and we have given many your name and card!
Thanks again,
Scott and Kelly R.

We went to Bruce about three years ago, when we saw a home he was building and liked it. We had him and his people build our home which we have been in now for 2-1/2 years and we love it. Most of his crews were wonderful, when confused as to which way to go, when asked they were very helpful and if we needed to and called Bruce today, he would help.

Phil and Noreen A.

Fisher Lake Home Owners


Dear Potential Home Buyer,

We wanted to tell you just how happy we are with the house Bruce Muehlberger built for us. We are writing this letter for Bruce to share with prospective clients who might be thinking of building a new house with him.

We were impressed with Bruce from the first time we met him. He came out to the property, got a good feel for it, and then asked a lot of questions. He let us describe just what we wanted, and he clearly was listening. Right then he called a former client to see if we could take a look at his home. We were surprised that the client was so happy to help Bruce out-it showed that he thought a lot of Bruce to let him just stop by with new clients with next-to-no warning. And the house was very high quality. That was obvious from just walking through.

Bruce will tell you that he is a "trim carpenter" and it sure shows. He cares how the final product looks-the beautiful trim-rather than just being satisfied that it is solid and square. Since building with Bruce, we have heard from many other people, some of them professionals in the design and construction industry, that it is much better to work with a trim guy than someone who is used to doing just the framing work himself.

We really anticipated that it would be a stressful and difficult process building a home-especially since we were working from 100 miles away. We have friends with all kinds of horror stories about building homes (big things like doors cut in the wrong places), and we though that was standard. We couldn't have been more wrong.

Bruce involved us in every phase of the design and construction, but in a way that made it fun and not difficult. He gave of plenty of notice about when decisions would have to be made, and he always had time to listen to questions and find answers. We never felt that we were bothering him. We also never felt that he was out there doing things we didn't know about.

We asked Bruce to add some design ideas from our house in East Lansing that he hadn't done in other houses. That didn't slow him down in the least. He figured out how they should work, and put them into practice. It has turned out that his variations are actually better than the ones in our house here. It really seemed like Bruce enjoyed the challenge of trying something new and different, rather than seeing it as a bother.

There were times when we didn't know which way to go on an issue. Bruce was always willing to give us advice on how he would handle it, but he left the choices up to us. He made a number of trips to East Lansing to show us samples of siding, roofing materials, ceiling types, plans, and other things. We don't know any other builder who would go so far out of his way to help a client.

In other homes we have owned, we have found places where the builder had cut corners or done things in a slipshod way. They aren't always obvious, but they come back to haunt you later, and they often end up costing more than it would have cost to have it done right the first time. That just didn't happen with Bruce. We realized very early on that we were dealing with a true gentleman who could be trusted to do things the way that he would want them done in his own house. His attention to detail was obvious, and resulted in a house that we are extremely proud of.

It would be good enough to have a builder who has the highest integrity and professional standards. But you get even more with Bruce. He says on his promotional materials that he wants it to be fun to build a house. We thought he must be joking the first time we read that. But it turned out to be exactly true. We had a great time visiting the house every time because of Bruce's infectious enthusiasm. He loves what he does and it shows. There was even one very cold day in the late fall when it was pouring rain and the roof wasn't completely done, and we walked around locating electrical outlets with umbrellas. Bruce was as happy as if it were a sunny Fourth of July.

It is so rare to find someone that you can trust completely that we have already told everyone we know what a great builder Bruce is. We love our new home, and we get a thrill every time we walk through the door. It seemed to be a labor of love for Bruce as much as for us.

We have to mention Bruce's wife, Esther, too. Esther helped us in so many ways with design ideas and suggestions, not to mention her elbow grease in keeping the place looking great during construction! Esther makes the perfect compliment to Bruce-the second half of a great team.

We can't summarize all of the things we liked about working with Bruce and Esther in one letter. We would be glad to answer any specific questions you might have if you want to call us.

Very truly yours,
Bill and Paula


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